Every Joint Of My Life

This Is The Tomorrow That I Can SEE.."HOPE"

Break it through hardship.

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If you think your life is miserable today. You're making a sad face...


think about it again...ain't you're good now =)..no need to worry about clean water and food , shelter nor environment..

They're not as fortune as you....

It may be hard , think about it today...appreciate it before it's too late

It means something to me.

By Imaginary That Never Ends. on 9:57 PM

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Is so happening between this 3 months , thanks god i have grow to have a stronger heart and also strong mental to withstand fear inflict in me.

There's always the same saying circulate in our life , human are greedy...they always think the grass beside is always greener compare to their. Yes that's human =).. I come to know a lot of friend in this few months time... Some of them show me , even for a small matter they will try to argue because they wan to win over anything they have power in it. To their parents or their friends they always want to win.They will never think their idea is wrong and they will never give up to prove they are correct. I was once like this...

I think life is kind of funny , my life always look like a "analog signal" but not like what people say that it goes up and down...mine is more like combination of analog and digital signal if you know what i mean...i got a few month my life is totally blank without any memories on it , stay up like a zombie..and "POP" the other day everything that's bad will just spam on you , until u have no choice but to believe you can make through of it.

I never blame fate , because i dont believe on that. I never blame god , because i know they're once somebody like us but they can think through all the event that happens on them as a good lesson...i do blame on somebody sometime , but i guess it's okay since i dont have a good memory.

I tell someone that very close to me , to let pass what it's ..let the person who throw those heartless word on you to experience how wrong are them..

I guess what i learnt from all the thing inside a argument is , never try to prove other people wrong , give them a piece of advice ..give a smile to them and tell them to take care =).

We learn through hardship ,disappointment and failure . Seek a piece of advice from people , show your sincerity that you willing to learn. In return what we get is a life-long experience that bring us far away from what we are.

Like someone said , let your life have less regret and you will find that you are actually living a longer life than the others =).

Believe in yourself and stay believe in yourself that you will get through everything through wisdom and determination =)

End of 2010 .Hello 2011

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I think 2010 has been a very awesome year for me.

I was down the road to totally independent life , HOPE always play hide and seek with me within this year. I have a lot of sad story , regrets that bring me to a tougher person that i ever think of..Just when the year is going to end i have a lot of sad story to tell my friends , and i started to emo again sometime..

Unproductive is just the way to describe my December holiday which have past silently.I wasn't happy in December because i have too many thing happen in my life ..

I think i have some hints from somewhere reach me and tell me what's life all about.I'm not pessimistic currently. =) i just have some mixed feeling inside myself , as i always know that life is that tough sometime but i haven experience it in the past day.Well if you're concern about what actually i'm feeling sad of . My result , my family health ..all is dropping off the margin that i ever see in my life .

That's the last part of 2010 . and Ta-DANGGGG

Here come 2011 , 2011 is my first time i celebrate my countdown with my friend.
For previous i was a Cinderella , i must reach home at 12am .That's my curfew ..
But exception has been made for my first day of 2011 , because dad think he will be just close his eyes one day for me to celebrate with friend.

Although Queensbay Countdown party and their "fireworks" didn't up to our expectation ... I believe in every part of the world .. We're hoping to have the best year than previous previous previous days.

Same to me ,i hope my family are can back to their good health condition , i hope my friend are all close to me even more , i'm hope to be more clever =P ,etc etc etc..well i used "hope" because i think it's like a plan for me in 2011..

Oh ya before i forget , i actually saw some pictures posted by a women in facebook . She have run a total of 1565km of marathon in 2010..I was stunned and that's insane !! 1565km , it would be like my 5 years marathon record if i am so dedicated..she definitely is the sifu of marathon because she almost ran around the globe >.> .. paris , US , london , malaysia and so on so on. Not around the globe la , quite a lot of places..

Back to reality for ME...I just hope to run Sundown Marathon in Singapore Ultra-marathon 84km category ..When i talk to joshua about this , he look at me...>.> and go blank....

btw i'm going to rest now , virus infected TK is here in 2011 =(...ok i better rest more

Another Post after my exam

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Yea we're now exam-free!! for ....3 months and half

Awesome right?!

Upcoming event will be this coming sunday , Penang Bridge Internation Marathon. Which is definitely a BIG BIG BIG event in penang , imagine the bridge that link outside the world of the island is closed for half a day!!

For this year i am going to end my running with this marathon ! Running in my birthplace and hometown somehow encourage me to run more miles because who knows that while i'm running somebody just pat on my back and encourage me =)..

Running in a race , is not to compete against others to fight for the best. But to win your own shadow with what you have built so far in your training.This make the race somehow "Delicious"..

Credit to student wellbeing department in monash who actually sponsored 24 of us for this running event. Yahoo i going to meet them personally this saturday , from what i know my coursemate actually half of them d =/...

In fact , this race is a meaningful 1 to show we penangist have a strong mind and body to complete the race.From past story , i heard the most competitive 1 in penang will be those middle-age man who look as muscular as Lin Dan..
They have their gaya to keep looking forward , and pass every miles with believe. I guess they will be the most inspire 1 for me in this coming sunday.

From past experience 3 months holiday can get really boring , so i got a plan!
To do whatever i cant do during my normal class day , my holiday is getting lesser and getting closer to working life. I gonna make it worth the time!

Too bad , my mind still wandering...just drop me some comment..give me some idea what will you do during ur long break...appreciate much =)

Hopefully rain is not going to be a obstacle in coming sunday ... Well Enjoy your holiday my fellow australian students or enjoying australia summer break...

4:1 Mentally to Physical

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I always have to stay tough on running a race , playing a game..

Despite the chances of winning is far away from my side...i still fight with my everything.
I believe in every aspect of life , that's what come first , you must have faith and believe .. at the same time learn from failure, this require courage..
I remember there's a quote saying , the wise 1 is those who learn from failure.
live your life as a champion by staying mentally tough everyday

The down time

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It's hard time for me in this moment..yesterday was my first paper that i feared the most for this semester again..YES again...because i am on a second attempt on that paper...seriously this time it stunned nicely man...

for the first half of the paper was great...and drastic change on the second part....I am just lack of knowledge on doing math question ( not trying to de-motivate myself) ..I guess i am lazy afterall .. hope i can get rid of this paper or else my dad will be so disappointed...

Sorry dad , seriously i hate math a lot...for so many post i have come across the same thing..hate math , become so lazy to do....cant go into my mind , always do mistake...that's the challenge that strike me hard which make me feel really regret...I am sorry to myself...

I believe dad will say tat too..."you're not sorry to me , just that you're sorry to yourself because future is yours"

therefore i must be fighting hard for coming subject...Dont let disappointment capture my mind , conquer my territory..Dont let it spread!!

"Tomorrow is the only day in the year that appeals to a lazy man"
Suit me nice and well which cause me regret and disappointment
Either i am a winner or quitter...i am not an idiot for sure from now on.

Exam Timetable + Nike Run

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Ops seem like the timetable is a bit small...Yea my exam timetable is out just 2 hours ago...

Less facebook ,
Less badminton ,
More camping in monash ,
Study hard,
Stay mentally tough,
and 3 months holiday is ahead =)...

Meanwhile half way through this we have 10.10.10 Nike Running!
Glad that this time our run is sponsored again by Monash.
We going to spare our 1-2 hours everyday to train hope can get some placing under 50..in 10km category =)

We must as Kiasu as Singporean =P.
Do our best in training and give all out in the run...

10.10.10 a day to remember...